Heavy Highway Construction Projects
Project:  Major Rehabilitation Project –
Seepage Barrier
Bolivar Dam,
Muskingum River Basin, Ohio
Owner:  US Army Corp of Engineers
Huntington District
Contract:  $5,500,000
Completion Date: June 2018
Scope of Work: Working as a major subcontractor of Treviicos South for earthwork operations to assist in installation of seepage barrier cut-off wall at Bolivar Dam. This project includes installation of approximately 14,000 LF of reinforced silt fence. Site preparation consists of 40 acres of tree clearing and topsoil removal. Excavation of 100,000 CY of on-site borrow for equipment platforms, the design and construction of various haul roads, construction of a permanent maintenance road, and the new stone slope protection. Site restoration will consist of the removal of the work platforms and haul roads at the project completion, grading, placement of topsoil and hydro-seeding 40 acres will complete the contract work scope.

Project:  USACE Bolivar Dam Seepage Blanket Bolivar, Ohio
Owner: US Army Corps of Engineers
Huntington District
Contract:  W91237-11-C-0013
Completion Date: September 2013
Scope of Work: Environmental protection included 12,000 LF of reinforced silt fence. Site preparation consisted of 10 acres of tree clearing and 30 acres of topsoil stripping. Extended existing 1000 LF from the relief well piping with 36” and 48” diameter aluminized steel pipe. There were various sized manholes up to 8 ft diameter installed. The onsite borrow of 98,000 CY was excavated and placed for the seepage blanket. In addition, processed filter material totaling 50,000 CY was imported. The existing slope required placing aggregate to reinforce the dam. Site restoration of respreading 21,000 CY of topsoil along with hydroseeding of 40 acres completed the work. The project was completed 10 months before the contractual completion date.

Project:  Replace Water Main
Department of Veteran Affairs
Chillicothe, Ohio
Owner:  Department of Veteran Affairs
Contract:  $350,000
Completion Date: April 2014
Scope of Work: This project consisted of upgrading the existing water mains and replacing/installing approximately 2300 LF of new water mains. Precise excavation and trench shielding were required for the lateral tie-ins to maintain building operations. Directional boring was used to install water line under the building corridor. Site restoration included topsoil placement and hydro-seeding.

Project:  USACE Lake Barkley
Campsite Rehabilitation
Paducah, Kentucky
Owner:  US Army Corp of Engineers
Nashville District
Contract:  W912P5-13-C-0005
Completion Date: April 2014
Scope of Work: The project consists of the removal and disposal of treated timbers, clearing and grubbing of the site, and removal of 172 trees. Excavation of 34 campsites, 4900 LF of concrete footers and curbs, placement and compaction of stone for campsites, corrugated metal pipe culverts and concrete headwalls, and installation of campsite equipment including: fire rings, grills, ADA lantern posts, and ADA picnic tables.

Project:  Jefferson Forest MATOC
George Washington and
Jefferson National Forests
Roanoke, Virginia
Owner:  United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service
Contract:  AG-3395-C-13-0013
Completion Date: March 2014, Plus 4 Option Years
Scope of Work: Multiple Award Task Order Contract for the maintenance, alteration, repair, and construction of Forest Service System roads, trails, bridges and recreation areas.

Project:  USACE Metro Center Levee
Slope Repairs
Cumberland River Basin,
Davidson County, Tennessee
Owner:  US Army Corp of Engineers
Nashville District
Contract:  W912P5-13-C-0002
Completion Date: June 2013
Scope of Work: Repair and reinforcement of a section of the levee on the landward side that had settled. This included excavation and placement of 120 LF of gablon retaining wall, 320 LF of clearing and grubbing along the riverside of the levee, and the re-establishment of native vegetation.

Project:  Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Canal Bank Protection
Brunswick, Ohio
Owner:  National Park Service
Contract:  PC12PC40070
Completion Date: October 2012
Scope of Work: Placed pipe for water diversion, to allow for construction of a crane pad, to install the steel sheet piling required.

Project:  Marion National Cemetery,
Marion, Indiana
Owner: National Cemetery Association, Washington, DC
Contract: $1,375,000
Completion Date: April 2012
Scope of Work: Roadway intersection improvements, 1000 LF of new asphalt pavement and concrete curbs. Earthwork including placing 2000 precast concrete crypts, water line and storm sewer installation, irrigation system and landscaping.